The operator of the platform is Ram Rom Games, S.L.


Platform – a group of interrelated websites made available on the Internet via

User – every person/entrepreneur using functions of the platform, who has registered on the platform and has an active “User” account.

Terms of Use – this agreement containing terms of use of the platform, and rights and obligations of Users and the operator of the platform.

Account – an account on the platform, with which the User can benefit from the functions of the platform



1.1 By using the platform, the User agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use. If the User does not agree with any part of the Terms of Use, they should refrain from using the platform.

1.2 The User acknowledges that registering on the platform means accepting the Terms of Use fully and with no restrictions.

1.3 The User declares to the operator of the platform that they are at least 18 years of age, or the minimum age allowed by law in the User’s jurisdiction that allows them to reach an agreement.

1.4 The User declares to the operator of the platform that they are an entrepreneur and agrees to the Terms of Use. If the User operates on behalf of a third party, they declare to the operator of the platform that they are authorised to incur liabilities resulting from signing the deal on behalf of the third party. Accepting the Terms of Use by said User is equivalent to the Terms of Use being accepted by the third party.

1.5 The operator of the platform shall have the right to at any time change or modify the Terms of Use without notice to the User. As a consequence, each User is obliged to regularly check the Terms of Use.

1.6 While using the platform, the User agrees to receive information via e-mail or other channels of communication belonging to different services provided by the Operator of the platform.


  1. FEES

2.1 The User does not bear any costs resulting from using the platform.

2.2 The User must pay in advance for orders via a bank transfer incurring all intermediary bank charges or PayPal mass payment. The User who chooses to pay via PayPal mass payment, declares acknowledging the Terms of Use of PayPal available on their website and accepts the agreements they contain.

2.3 The User declares that for all the products purchased via the platform, they will only pay with money from legitimate resources.

2.4 The User declares the awareness of the fact that ordering the products available on the platform is bound to the obligation of paying for them.



3.1 To create an account, the User must fully complete the registration form available at For registration to be possible, the User needs to correctly complete all fields on the form, including: the name of their company, e-mail address, password, and the sales channels via which they sell their codes.

3.2 Approving the account can take up to 48 hours (if every field has been filled in correctly). The operator of the platform reserves the right to prolong the verification period of the sent data. If the User has any questions regarding approval, please contact our support via e-mail [email protected].

3.3 The operator of the platform reserves the right to deny approval of the account, without providing an explanation to the User.

3.4 The operator of the platform is entitled to verify the data provided by the User which can require the submission of relevant documents including information such as: proof of legal address of the company, registration documents of the company within the appropriate register, tax identification number, and the contact details. A failure in providing the required documents may be the cause of the denial in approving the account.

3.5 Full access to the platform is available once the process of evaluating received documents and approving the account has concluded successfully.

3.6 The User is obliged to have a valid e-mail address assigned to their account at all times.

3.7 The operator of the platform reserves the right to block the account of the User in case the Terms of Use have been breached by the User.

3.8 The User cannot use the accounts of other Users or make their accounts available to other Users or third parties.

3.9 The User has the right to have an insight into their data, update it, and demand to cease its further use, and deleting their account. For more information on our data protection and privacy policy, the User can refer to

3.10 The account of the User belongs to The Operator of the platform and may be deleted without prior notice and without providing a reason for it.



4.1 The rights not admitted within the Terms of Use remain at the sole discretion of and The operator of the platform.

4.2 Violating or intending to breach the law while using is not allowed. The operator of the platform does not allow violating the law, the third parties, copyrights, industrial property law, or personal goods.

4.3 In order to protect personal data, the User should familiarise themselves with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While using the platform, the User agrees to obey the terms of the Privacy Policy and protection of the personal data included in it.

4.4 The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every day of the year.

4.5 The operator of the platform is not liable for the outage of the service and the User’s losses should, in any of such situations happen independently from the operator of the platform.

4.6 In case of any problems with the platform or the User’s account, Ram Rom Games, S.L. provides the required technical support. Should any problems be noticed, the User should immediately report them to the support department of Ram Rom Games, S.L. via the e-mail [email protected].

4.7 The User declares they will not be involved in any actions that could possibly harm the interests of and the operator of the platform.



5.1 The User has the right to file a complaint about any product purchased via the platform.

5.2 If the User is unsatisfied with the purchased product, they have the right to file a complaint. Complaints should be filed at the support department via email. In case, any part of the User's order is faulty, they may submit a complaint by email to [email protected].

5.3 A positive appraisal of a complaint results in an exchange of a faulty product for another one in working condition or, if not possible (for example, due to unavailability, stock shortages, price fluctuations, and other reasons not mentioned here), refunding the User the amount equal to the value of the faulty product.

5.4 All the products sold are the uncut versions unless otherwise mentioned in the name or description of the product. The User is obliged to check whether or not the product purchased is the product they want to sell within a certain territory (for example Germany, Austria, or Japan) and is not a subject of censorship in the country where they have purchased it to sell. Complaints by the User for these reasons will not be accepted or reviewed by the operator.

5.5 The cut version of a product is adjusted to comply with the law of the country that it was released in, and can therefore differ from the standard, uncut version.

5.6 Games labelled as GLOBAL or WORLDWIDE in their name or description might not launch or work in certain countries. This could be caused by the internal restrictions of the distributor and publisher of the game. The operator of the platform does not take responsibility for such a situation. The User is obliged to check if the Western European version works in the country they want to sell a given game to.

5.7 We don’t accept any cancellations of the orders. We can only cancel orders if we failed to meet the terms of the transaction from Ram Rom Games, S.L. side or when an accidental mistake occurs (like a double order). The key or code not being downloaded is not a guarantee for a refund, however it is a requirement for it. Unless the keys are not working, it is impossible to cancel the order. If keys were faulty by any chance, the User may submit a complaint by email to [email protected].

5.8 The User has the right to file a complaint about a defective key up to one year after the purchase date. Complaints filed after the period of one year will be ignored and not considered.


How to make a complaint

If the User has a problem with the key (e.g. it has been already used, is invalid, or one letter is missing), they should follow the instructions below for the required steps to solve their case as soon as possible.


  1. Make sure that the key is not duplicated in their system or database of codes.
  2. The User should not send a replacement key to their customer before they receive a response and solution from us. We will not be responsible for any action taken with their customers prior to receiving our response.
  3. Please fill out this form and most importantly – please attach screenshots of the error notification.


Additionally, in case the key appears to be used, please attach a screenshot of your client’s conversation with Origin, Steam, uPlay, etc. support with their answer about the activation date. Our keys come from official distributors and if there was not a duplication problem in their system, the activation date is the only way to solve this case. If the key was used after you delivered it to the customer, to avoid fraud, please do not send their funds back immediately.


Please make sure that they have provided all the required information, and that they have attached screenshots with the corresponding error. If the key is already used, please do not forget to attach a screenshot with information about the activation date.


Only complete applications will be processed. If a complaint is complete our Support Team will aim to process them with the solution within 2 working days, however response times may vary depending on the volume of tickets received.


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